Factors Influencing the Attractiveness, Tourist Destination Image, and Level of Cultural Identity of La Union Province

  • Marmie R. Poquiz
Keywords: Destination Attractiveness, Destination Image, Cultural Identity


This aimed to explain and measure the factors influencing attractiveness of tourism destination, destination image and to measure level of cultural identity of La Union Province. The guiding principle of this study is that the overall tourism attractiveness of a destination depends on the relationship between the availability of existing attractions and the perceived importance of such attractions. The researcher used the descriptive type of research to a proposed framework branding image in the hospitality destinations in La Union province. Part I Determine the profiles of the respondents in terms of Sex, Age, Nationality, Reason for travel in Ilocos Region, Frequency of visit in Ilocos Region, and the attractions visited in the province of La Union. Part II Determine the factors influencing the attractiveness of a tourist destination as to key attributes, facilities, and services and miscellaneous.  Part III determine the tourist destinations image in terms of   accommodation facilities, destination utilities, communication facilities, destination accessibility. Part IV Determine the level of cultural identity destination image as to cultural practice and heritage, branding image of tourist destination, tourist cultural satisfaction, tourist destination cultural image, peoples culture image. The reliability of the survey questionnaire, the Cronbach’s Alpha and the internal consistency of 60 items in the questionnaire.  The Overall Cronbach’s Alpha is 0.987 which showed that the questionnaire reached an Excellent Reliability, Also, Cronbach’s Alpha of the construct Part I of the Questionnaire was 0.862, 0.824, 0.837 respectively have Good Reliability. The Cronbach’s Alpha of the construct in Part II of the Questionnaire was 0.878, 0.751,0879, 0.940 respectively which is acceptable. The Cronbach’s Alpha of the construct in Part III of the Questionnaire was 0.853, 0.882, 0.932, 0.969 and 0.957 respectively have Good and Excellent Reliability, with regards to the Cronbach’s Alpha of all the construct parts of the questionnaire, it showed that all the items appeared to be worthy of retention.