Development of Pangasinan E-Trade Souvenir Portal

  • And Julie Rosal
Keywords: Mercantile, E-trade, Outlet System


The Pangasinan E-Trade Souvenir Portal was developed to help the people of Pangasinan buy various products in different towns in Pangasinan without leaving home by providing the following features: 1.) Provide knowledge, guidance, and accurate information on what there is to know about a particular product before purchasing; 2) Accessibility - The system will provide four levels of access as System Administrators, Couriers, Sellers, and Buyers. And also the system can provide cash on delivery and G-cash as a mode of payment. In addition, the system is unable to provide online transactions except G-cash but it is outside the system. 3) Advertisement - one of the functions of the system where the product came from and descriptions and only seller can reap its benefits. 4.) Information - Knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction. The Pangasinan E-Trade Souvenir Portal keep the customers safe and do other things than going to market and have a contact with many people. Customers can access the system through home page wherein he can choose product and check out. It benefits the seller, courier and also the buyer and that is because of the process of the system. The process involved the Waterfall Methodology with its six phases: (1) Requirements Analysis, (2) System Design, (3) Implementation Design, (4) Testing, (5) Deployment and (6) Maintenance. This project aimed to design, develop and implement the system Pangasinan E-Trade Souvenir Portal. It sought to attain the following objectives; (1) To describe the existing process of buying and selling products; (2) To identify the features of the system and to test the usability of the system. The features of the system were made and some interviews were conducted with some selected individuals which we successfully