Candy Cap Mango Mushroom Cupcake

  • April S. Capili
Keywords: Candy Cap, Developmental Research, Mangifera Indica, Shiitake Fungus


For the past decades, there have been improvements in the mushroom industry, there have been expanding production capacities, developments in cultivation technologies, enhancements to final mushroom products, and utilization of mushrooms for environmental benefits. Be that as it may, there's a need for continuous improvement to keep up with the current trends and to continue to look for new and better opportunities to improve human lives. The challenge is to recognize openings such as expanding utilization capabilities with the increment in the world populace to aid in promoting human consumption. Further, this study aimed to determine the acceptability of the product, which is anchored on the developmental research design. Based on the result there is a high degree of acceptability of the product in terms of appearance, taste, texture, odor, and mouthfeel.