Elementary Student Teachers’ Competence and Attitude in Teaching Mathematics

  • Jayson Salvatiera
  • And Julie Rosal
Keywords: Competence, attitude, teaching mathematics


Mathematics is an indispensable subject of school curriculum and is important in daily living as well as in the study of other subjects. This study focused on the competence of elementary student teachers in teaching elementary mathematics. The respondents included Bachelor of Elementary Education Student Teachers. The Spearman rank correlation was used to test the hypothesis of significant relationship.  Study revealed that the student teachers are proficient in most of the elementary math competencies, however, there is need to give more attention in their competence along ratios and proportional relationships and the geometry competencies. The student teachers have positive attitude in teaching elementary mathematics.  The competence of the student teachers is not solely dependent on their attitude toward Math but there are other factors that are affecting their competence in Math.  The most notable challenge was the need to know and experience mathematical inquiry and the practice of mathematics.