A Literature Review of Empirical Studies on Cyber Security Workforce Development

  • Elmar Balolong Noche Faculty College of Computing Studies, Pangasinan State University
Keywords: Cyber Security, Workforce, Networking, Skills, Employment, Skillset


This paper presents an empirical study on the challenges of cybersecurity workforce development. The research paper reflects on the understanding of the different issues and challenges in the earlier years. The literature review demonstrates the identified solutions to the specific challenges and the lapses of the cybersecurity workforce's development, examines current research on the topic, and points out gaps in the existing literature. The study's findings revealed that cybersecurity workforce development encountered issues in the past years, but this has resolved most of the challenges. However, there are still issues that continue in recent years and have yet to be addressed, which affect the development of the cybersecurity workforce development. These problems provide insight for further studies and keep future researchers and cybersecurity workforce development.