Relationship of Teachers' Technology Skills and Selected Profile: Basis for Redesigning Training for Online Distance Learning Modality

  • JOHN CYRUS L. DOBLADA Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High School
  • Dennis G Caballes
Keywords: ICT, technology, skills, teachers


The use of ICT as part of teacher’s instruction heightened because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This study analyzed the relationship of teacher’s selected profile such as educational attainment, field of specialization and years in service in association with skills in information processing, content creation, communication and problem-solving. The study utilized correlational research design and questionnaire as instrumentation. Simple random sampling was used to obtain the necessary number of samples from the population. Percentage and frequency distribution and chi-square test was used for analyzing the data collected. The data revealed in terms of content creation shows a significant relationship to educational attainment where it implies that the skills of making content using programs and software varies depending on the educational attainment a teacher achieved. Also, in terms of information processing, the data shows a significant relationship to years in service where it suggests that the skills in processing, collecting and analyzing information using online software and engine varies depending on the experience of the teacher. This study recommends to introduce and utilize a variety of technology options in training teachers and consider new and innovative learning methods in training them.