The Development of Free Patent (FP) Monitoring System of PENRO Pangasinan

  • Ferdinand V. Dalisay
Keywords: Free Patent (FP), Online Monitoring, Record Monitoring


The PENRO - Free Patent (FP) Monitoring System was developed to help applicants of PENRO Pangasinan applying for a Free Patent Application by providing the following features:  1.) Provision of an online solution for the organization; 2) Accessibility – applicants can access the checklist of their Free Patent Application remotely online, anywhere on the planet anytime of the day; and 3) The system provides the venue for scheduling of the clients preferred date of document retrieval. 4.) The Records officer can easily check if the applicants are complying with their requirements. The Free Patent Record Monitoring System improves the PENRO Pangasinan through giving good services to the applicants of free patent application and also to the employees. It benefits the records officer, by making their work faster, consistent and organized. The clients/applicant can also be benefited by viewing their Free Patent Application online. The process involved the Waterfall Methodology with its six phases: Requirements Phase, Design Phase, Implementation Phase, Testing Phase, Deployment Phase and Maintenance Phase. The requirements had gone through an internet research, library research, and established interview to the Records Officer. The study displays the checklist of the applicant who applied and applying for Free Patent Application. It has feature to add new entry, edit, search, and update button. All the data has been stored in the database for future reference which can be used by the agency.