Development of a Real-Time Flower Farm Monitoring System for the Utilization of Arduino-Based Artificial Grow Lights

  • Fernando S. Viray Jr.
Keywords: real-time flower farm monitoring system, Arduino-based artificial grow lights, software development, waterfall model, ISO-25010:2011, software development life cycle


The use of artificial grow lights has been a trend in the modern agriculture sector particularly in western countries. The application of this technology has been introduced also here in the Philippines largely among horticulturists’ greenhouses. This study aimed to develop a real-time flower monitoring system for the utilization of Arduino-based artificial grow lights. The aim of the monitoring aspect of the system is to have real-time information about monitors flower farm’s greenhouse indoor and outdoor environmental condition such as humidity, temperature, precipitation, and soil moisture, plant growth and the automatic switching of LED-based grow lights thru the use of sensors and relay switch connected to an Arduino microcontroller board and will communicate via a clou system thru built-in Wi-Fi module. The study highlights the systematic identification of software and hardware requirements, the software development method to use, and the quality attributes that will be embodied by the system to be acceptable among stakeholders.